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There's no shortage of larger Industrial design firms out submitting designs for awards for the next really cool looking kitchen tool or hands free something or another.

We typically take on the more technically challenging designs that others shy away from. It’s never very glamorous work spending long days and nights  in the lab but when the project's core challenges begin to reveal solutions and everything falls into place there is an incredible satisfaction that makes it all worth it.

After 30 years of invention and product development based on tens of thousands of hours in the lab we have essentially seen it all.

You have the opportunity to leverage this vast knowledge base covering nearly every market segment to your advantage.

For a fraction of the cost of doing it the hard way you can allow us to steer your product development program to success avoiding the considerable obstacles that arise in every step of the process. Most businesses that fail do so because they could not foresee the unknown and budget accordingly.

We can give you an unfair advantage over your competition. Let them do it the hard way while you speed through every process form design validation to store shelf.

Our Mission Statement

Product development Service with emphasis on helping individuals and start-ups overcome challenges faced in the product development cycle from inception to marketing. After seeing first hand dozens of costly errors made by clients it’s time to exploit the experiences both good and bad. Need to be able to illustrate and convince the visitor that regardless of what stage of development they face their immediate challenge; the answer is at hand at little cost.

I.P. Development Services

Vorel can create an intellectual property portfolio around any new and novel concept from the simplest novelty to complex technology at a fraction of what most firms charge.

With experience in creating new and novel designs and writing patents since the 1970’s Vorel has the proven track record of producing several noteworthy successes.

Partnering with some very competent patent attorneys, Vorel can create the ultimate in patent coverage by focusing on the technology first. Far too many patents are written without a clear understanding of technology or “ideal” solutions or applications of advancing technology. We take great pride in thoroughness. In this very competitive business climate, there is no room for mistakes. The cost of “doing it right” is dramatically less than the cost of “fixing it later”.

 The U.S. Patent Office is so busy that many patents are prosecuted in haste and subject to challenge in the courts. It is really up to the inventor and his or her attorney to insure proper filing of a quality application.

Trust is of paramount concern when selecting a service like ours. When looking for a qualified product development company always check the web for any negatives on the firm. The better business bureau although mostly ineffective, does log consumer complaints and there are other sources like public records.

We have been in business since 1984 and have never violated the trust of our clients. We go to great lengths to protect your interests and your property as if it were a matter of national security. We never use cell phones or unsecured or non-encrypted cordless phones when communicating with clients or vendors on their behalf. When conducting research on the web we always use a proxy service like Ghost Surf to mask I.P. identity.

Product / Process feasibility review

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, mostly. After nearly 30 years of reviewing thousands of patents and product concepts, we have seen our share of near hits. Although a patent may pass the “New and novel” test at the time of filing it may be obsolete by the time it issues. There are countless patents and product concepts that may meet the expectations of the inventor/designer based on their awareness level but are in fact technologically inferior.

This doesn’t mean the inventor / designer failed in their mission to build a “better mouse trap”, they simply failed to build the “best mouse trap” possible using the latest, most affordable yet practical solution available. In other words an inventor / designer who works in the field of motors might be predisposed to using a motor in an application that clearly calls for a solenoid.

DNA is to life forms as awareness is to invention. Just as biological offspring are predestined by their parent’s genetic makeup, patents and product concepts are born of the awareness level of their inventor / designer.

Getting a second opinion in a feasibility review is time and money well spent.

Comprehensive Market Study

A third party market study is always a good idea in creating an unbiased synopsis of the competition’s strengths and vulnerabilities. The ideal candidate for this review is a product developer like Vorel. A well versed product developer is always thinking from a competitive design advantage.

 Design  for manufacturability (DFM)

When selecting a product development firm always look for one that has a history of success in getting products to market. Many developers exclusively design and deliver prototypes without having to worry about the next and most important phase, manufacturing.

If all you are looking for is a prototype or a “one off” for a trade show or to entice investors that’s all well and good for now but what you don’t know now can and will often hurt you later. It’s always a good idea to create a prototype from a manufacturability perspective which can only be obtained from a firm with manufacturing experience. Hypothetical and theoretical assumption based prototyping provides little insight into real world issues that must be addressed to be able to arrive at production costs.

Regulatory Compliance Engineering

Nearly all products today require regulatory compliance testing and certification. Product safety should be of paramount concern in any product design. Vorel is very familiar with nearly all regulatory compliance issues and we are called upon to perform safety screening and post failure forensics. One client, a very prominent compliance firm uses our services for CPSC and FCC related safey audits and failure analysis. Just last year we were able to have a child's crib removed from the market due to severe safety deficiencies.

Vorel has been developing production test equipment, testing protocols and standards as well as helping clients with compliance testing for over 25 years. Standards = ASTM, FCC, U.L. …CPSC

Vorel is able to enter the picture anywhere in the product development cycle.

Design Services

  From the simplest child's toy to the most advanced aerospace design we provide old world craftsmanship in new world technologies.

I only have a product concept and don't know what to do from here.

First things first. You will need to make certain that you have the right to pursue this concept in its current form. Once a patent or patentability search is conducted you will be able to ascertain if your product idea is new and novel. Just because you haven't seen it in the marketplace does not mean it's not protected by Patent. There are far more patents sitting in filing cabinets than those that reach the market. You may perform your own search on line at WWW.USPTO.GOV or other similar sites or for a more thorough approach hire a Patent Agent or Attorney to conduct the search for you.

Once you are satisfied that you can safely begin to invest in your idea you will need to construct a proof of concept model or prototype to prove the concept and begin reducing it to its simplest form or what is called "reduction to practice". The process of reducing to practice is no more than reducing the concept to its simplest form without sacrificing its original intent or utility.

We specialize in taking concepts from scratch and turning them into high value products. Our hourly rates are among the fairest in the industry and our reputation for innovation is among the best.

"I already have a prototype and need someone to take it to the next step."

Your prototype will need to be evaluated by an expert in manufacturing engineering to ensure that it is truly ready for market. What makes a prototype ready for manufacturing is many important issues and here are just a few.

Support documentation - We can evaluate your design documentation to determine its state of completion.

Product safety - Will the prototype reveal some immediate or eventual safety issue that could prevent its deployment or utilization? Can the resultant product or technology be rendered into an unsafe state by the user resulting in a product liability risk?

Producibility - Will the cost to produce the end product exceed its worth to the market ? Will there be enough margin to permit discounting at each level of distribution?

Obsolescence - We can determine if your prototype and design reflects the latest technology available. It makes little sense to invest a considerable amount of revenue in a design that is obsolete before it hits the market.

Regulatory Compliance roadblocks - Will the technology, once developed, be bottle necked in a three letter agency like the FDA, FAA, EPA, or other equally efficient government agency? Will the technology even meet regulatory requirements? Many products can be tied up for years while they drift astray through a quagmire of regulatory red tape. Many well intentioned concepts never make it to market because they simply cannot meet regulatory standards by their nature. Often, the changes required to bring the technology into compliance prevents it from being commercially viable due to added cost or complexity.

I already have a product in development but it is taking forever and there’s no end in sight.

This is where we really shine. There is no greater satisfaction in this business than rescuing a project from certain doom and turning it into a successful venture. This may sound a little old fashioned but we really enjoy taking a problem on and creating a happy conclusion. We have built our business on this passion for "fixing" deals gone bad. In many of these cases the project is much closer to reality than it appears. All it needs is a fresh look and a quick fix.

Why don’t I just go to an established manufacturer who’s core competency matches my product needs?

Many large firms have difficulty escaping a pattern of fixed ways of thinking. They tend to follow established templates of design that may mask potential breakthroughs.

By bringing in a design firm with broad and diversified product development experience you get a knowledge base that crosses dozens of markets and design disciplines.

By our willingness to get involved with so many projects covering so many areas of design we have the experience that uniquely permits a broad range of solutions that can be borrowed from unrelated and sometimes unusual sources.

We are from conventional in design problem solving. Perhaps that’s why we never fail to deliver a leading edge product.

I have been successfully marketing a product line for years but now face competition. I need to improve my product to maintain market share.

No problem. We can evaluate the current market landscape and address competitor product advantages as well as vulnerabilities. We can show you how you can regain the edge you need to recapture market superiority.

Perhaps you have overlooked a simple product enhancement that can be accomplished at little added cost. Some fresh thinking and unbiased analysis could reveal invaluable feature set enhancements your engineers may have missed.

Many companies simply get too attached to their existing product designs and fail to address ongoing performance or market demands. Be it complacency or a "If it ain’t broke don’t fix it " mindset, many once worthy contenders end up relics of the past.


We have created several hundred unique brands and web sites for clients and our properties.

Design Gallery

  Biomedical Engineering

Brainwave analyzers that measure learning ability and detect signs of certain learning disabilities.

BWA 2000 - A self contained brain wave analyzer designed to measure intelligence and learning disorders in school age children as well as adults. Status - shelved due to further developments (see Neuralab).

BWA PC - As above but using a P.C.

NEURALAB - A PC based brain wave analyzer that features a full size computer card that when dropped into a standard personal computer converts it into a full blown Brainwave analyzer capable of measuring neural efficiency (IQ) and a host of other features. Most recently I added the capability of providing evoked potential response which allows the Neuralab to measure the brain’s response time to both auditory and visual stimuli. This feature broadens the Neuralab’s capabilities to include attention deficit disorder detection and Ritalin challenges. The target market for this device is education and health industries. To qualify for insurance billing the Neuralab provides among several available printouts a industry recognized EEG strip chart. This product is wholly owned by Advanced design & Development and is available for market exploitation.

Transcutaneous-Electro -Neuro stimulators ( TENS ) That provide mild electro therapy for pain control and other therapies.

Cranial Stimulators developed to aid in the treatment of chemical dependencies.

Facial Stimulators used to electronically effect a face lift by strengthening muscles.

The Cytoprobe biopsy machine used for out patient urinary biopsy and treatment.

High efficiency Particulate Air purifiers (HEPA)

Potassium Promaginate air filters that detect and remove dangerous aldahydes from the air.

Hydrocolloid preparation machines for dentistry

Energon Magnetic therapy devices that accelerate healing of bruised and damaged tissue as well as bone fractures.

Rife therapy devices (frequency therapy) An alternative cancer treatment modality used in many clinics around the world.

Dyslexia treatment platform used for the treatment of dyslexia in children and adults. In use at the world famous Stillman dyslexia Center in Los Angeles.


Wireless RF transmitters and receivers for remote speakers , listening stations , etc.

Pager based alarm - FCC Part 15 OOK based design in 315 and 925 MHz.

R.F. modem - Designed to transmit and receive data over a long range cellular style link.

Consumer Electronics

Remote controls both RF and Infra Red

Video projector - Came out long before current technology. Utilized LCD technology.

Pressbox 10 channel FM receiver - Designed to provide audio portion of television broadcast or tape feed in a sports bar.

Home theater Triple amplifier - Providing electronic crossover and high fidelity driving a sub woofer and two satellite speakers.

Ultrasonic pest repellent devices

Professional Audio / Video

Designed the circuit boards for the in-flight entertainment system for the 757 and Airbus commercial jets. Designed for Sony Transcom.

High end compressor / limiter used in recording industry. A class A device that is one of the cleanest compressors in use today.

Spheric Sound - A 3D image enhancement system designed to provide a widened sound stage.


4 Vessel monitoring systems using synthesized voice response.

Fuel Vapor sensors - Based on Figaro explosive gas sensor.

Bilge level sensors - Solid state water build up detection.

General vessel security systems


Production Test fixtures both ATE and manual that provide full feature testing of a multitude of products.

World’s first automated fuel nozzle manufacturing system currently in use at Rocketdyne in the manufacturing of the rocket nozzles on the shuttle and Titan missiles. This product was attempted by a fortune 500 company and fizzled right in the middle of the contract. We came in and delivered two working systems in 12 weeks at half the price.

Duplex Elevator intercom system that allows off site personal to monitor elevator failures dramatically reducing overhead costs for buildings etc. Hydraulic elevator predictive failure analysis systems.

Water quality monitor. This device monitors de-ionized water integrity and shuts down a pressure washer pump upon detection of filter failure or expiration. This device is in production and in use world-wide.

POWERSAFE - An AC line monitor that removes power to devices that are being protected from dangerous line voltage fluctuations. This patented device is currently in production in the U.S. and overseas.

Sauna controllers- Several sauna user interface panels that control time and temperature on high end saunas that are marketed all over the world. This device will drive over 30 amps of power.

Digimet - A hand held digital meter used world wide in dairy and food production facilities. This design was written up and praised by Dr. Hans Bozler of U.S.C. dept.. of engineering.

   The Sniper- A basketball launching machine that trains basketball players. This machine holds 50 balls and sits under the net. It very accurately passes balls to various locations around the court. The ball hopper keeps track of all made and missed shots maintaining a database on each player. There are several workout regimens that sharpen the player’s shooting skills. This design was the first application of a pneumatic air cylinder to fire or launch a ball. The unit is in production in Switzerland and is in use throughout Europe.

Delta load oil pump - An oil well pump that automatically compensates for changes in down hole production. As the column of oil changes weight due to changes in payload or contaminants the pump shuttles a counter balance weight across the walking beam of the horse to offset the balance. The result is a dramatic decrease in power usage and down time.

Traffic light control - Circuit design for high reliability.

Several beverage dispensing systems and controllers in use world wide.

Remote data logging equipment for geologic study.

Direct inward dial ( D.I.D.) interface console design for answering services.

Security Products

LEASENTRY - A machine usage control device. This device controls the usage of a leased or rented piece of office or industrial equipment. When a potential leasing client has shaky credit you can guarantee payment by limiting the usage of the equipment. The way it works is simple . . . You attach the leasentry on the power cord of the leased machine (Copier , printer , etc. ) in such a way as to prevent tampering. At the end of every thirty days the Leasentry flashes a light that indicates that a new code is required to continue operating. The only way the user gets the new code is if he has made his payments. Upon receipt of the payment an automated post card gets generated and sent to the client containing the new code. If the payment center does not receive the payment no code is sent. No payment no use of the machine. The seller of the machine does not get taken advantage of and the machine sees no additional wear and tear. An anti tamper technique is employed to prevent multiple entries to "hunt" for the right code. Upon two incorrect code entries the unit will lock out the user for 24 hours.

Several home and office security systems - Manufactured in the orient these systems are in use all over the world.

The industry’s most sensitive infra sonic detector that can detect the opening of a door or window in a home or office by measuring the static and dynamic cabin pressure. This device is so sensitive that tests showed that it would detect a door being opened in a 6,000 square foot warehouse while sitting inside a refrigerator ! ! !

World’s first Infra sonic / infrared detector that detects not only internal cabin pressure changes due to entry but thermal signatures produced by humans.

Several autodialers that use synthesized speech to aid in set up and use. This line of autodialers are used in several alarms and provide several new features like remote arm and disarm by phone, paging etc.

Rolling rack / Shopping cart locking device - This device consists of a hidden receiver / locking device that is built into the front left wheel of the standard issue shopping cart and a buried loop surrounding the perimeter of the store parking lot. The cart rolls freely until it drives over the loop buried six inches below the parking lot surface. As the cart passes over the loop the hidden receiver detects a digital signal that tells the wheel to lock up. At every cart round up the clerk points a wand at the wheel and it returns to normal operation. The in-wheel receiver draws a mere 3 microamps and has a sensitivity of -75 dbm!

The resultant patents of this effort have led to many breakthroughs that will find homes in several spin-off products in related and non-related markets.

This device is currently on the market under the trade name "The Wheel". This product has received a ton of positive press and is expected to be a huge financial success.

Currently this technology is employed world-wide.

Near field loop driver - This device was born out of the shopping cart locking

device. The device is a constant current howland pump based loop driver that through some innovative spurious radiation suppression techniques emits no measurable harmonics. The gated burst output resembles "OOK" On-Off-Keyed modulation techniques employed in most all security transmitters except for the fact that there are no switching artifacts in the resultant carrier avoiding FCC scrutiny. This is the world’s first digitally modulated ultra low frequency driver system to qualify for FCC part 15 and DOC/RCA/EC exemptions.

Firefinder II - A unique hand held device that looks for the infra-red signature of difficult to detect burning embers or other hot spots that can cause flare ups.


Synchronous demodulator based Reflectometers that measure reflectance of surfaces in any light wavelength.

These high end laboratory instruments are in use world-wide. The spectral photopic version is the standard for the bright plating industry. Unlike the prior art this instrument utilizes a modulated white light LED as the illumination source eliminating the motorized chopper lamp sources.

Transmissiometers that measure the transmissivity of various mediums like films, glass, polymers, sunglass material, window tinting films, and other materials.

Optical monitors used in the plating and coating industry provide linear photometric measurement during deposition. The illumination source is a precision chopped halogen lamp with reference to synchronously demodulate signal.

Monochromators in single to multiple channel designs that offer seamless, infinitely variable wavelength measurement from 300 to 1400 Nanometers with automatic second order suppression

Disciplines  Covered



Robotics / Machine control / vision


From consumer to studio / broadcast quality


From consumer to studio / broadcast quality

Consumer Electronics

From basic toys and fad items to high end

Remote control

R.F. and Infrared all part 15 frequencies.


Data/Video/Voice links over short and long distance. From portables and miniatures to repeaters and base station


All types of user interfaces from membrane keypad design to full kiosk designs.


From simple on board sensors to complete systems monitoring

Electro Optical

From simple P.I.R. to advanced monochromators, reflectometers, and transmissometers  we have developed entire lines of instruments covering several market segments.




From simple TENS technology to advanced brainwave analyzers and heart monitors and defibrillators.


From beverage to complex multi-compounds


From miniature surveillance to advanced infrared/ infrasonic to full home/office designs

Data Acquisition

From long term on self powered site monitoring to complete systems

   Post production services:

Human engineering/User Interface

We can improve your product’s user interface making it more functionally friendly.

Failure analysis

Providing cause of failure for the insurance industry as well as industry.

Retrofit / rebuild

We can upgrade an existing product and give it new life with features that bring into the current market.

Have an old but reliable device that needs to be rebuilt ? We can restore equipment providing that you can provide adequate documentation.

Product evaluation / Reverse engineering

We can review a competitor product and provide schematics and mechanical drawings necessary to provide enough information to see how they did it.

Technical writing

We have over twenty years of tech writing experience specialize in writing clear easy to read user information. We can take a complex product and make it simple to install, setup and use.

Warranty service / tech support

We can provide product support services that include in and out of warranty service as well as tech support.

Manufacturing engineering

We can evaluate your product to identify areas of cost savings and improved manufacturability.

Investor Services

Are you considering a technology based investment but lack the technical prowess to make a quality evaluation?

How do you know if a business plan is sound if the technology behind it, is not?

The pitch sounds impressive, even brilliant, yet every day a bad investment decision is made by the most seasoned investor. From well intentioned inventors to outright scam artists it is often difficult to make a good evaluation of a technology based investment without competent due diligence. We have saved our clients millions in investments by being able to study, identify and clearly document proposed offerings that were in fact flawed by ineptitude or intent. We can, in total confidence, act as your technical liaison, your guardian angel if you will, and help you weed through the technical jargon.From a concept to a production ready product we can give you the confidence to make the right investment decision.

Due Diligence

*Intellectual Property profiling (Patent / trademark review)

Did the Patent Agent or Attorney perform a patentability search prior to filing ?

Is the patent well written?

What level of completion is it in?

Is it subject to denial if still in pending?

Does it adequately address the technology?

How would it stand up to a challenge?

Competitive profile - How does the technology stack up against the current state of the art?

Is the technology being touted as a breakthrough when it could be yesterday’s news?

Proprietary position - Is the technology truly new and novel or is it a rehash in a new package?

Product safety - Will the technology reveal some immediate or eventual safety issue that could prevent its deployment or utilization?

Can the technology be rendered into an unsafe state by the user resulting in a product liability risk?

Product Feasibility - Does the product truly fulfill its targeted application or is it obsolete right out of the box. Without adequate technology and market study many product launches are total failures because they fail to solve a problem or fill a need that would generate sales.

Does the product provide such an extraordinary utility that the market will respond instantly or is the utility so vague that it will take millions to "educate" the market as to its merits?

Producibility - Will the cost to produce the end product exceed its worth to the market ? Will there be enough margin to permit discounting at each level of distribution?

Regulatory Compliance roadblocks - Will the technology, once developed, be bottlenecked in a three letter agency like the FDA, FAA, EPA, or other equally efficient government agency?

Will the technology even meet regulatory requirements?

Many products can be tied up for years while they drift astray through a quagmire of regulatory red tape.

Many well intentioned concepts never make it to market because they simply cannot meet regulatory standards by their nature. Often, the changes required to bring the technology into compliance prevents it from being commercially viable due to added cost or complexity.

State of completion - Is the technology ready to deploy?

If not ready now, what stage is it truly in, how long should it take, and with how much money?

This is where many projects fail. Often investment seekers fail to accurately or honestly disclose project completion creating drifting delivery schedules and requests for more and more cash infusion to cover the "oversights".

Was the "Dog and Pony" demonstration real or a mock up, utilizing undisclosed support devices to make it appear that the technology functioned ?

Beta testing - Was the technology adequately beta tested in a real world environment?

Without solid beta testing with excellent record keeping there is no way to address the practical functionality of a technology.

Value - When all of the aforementioned is addressed what is the core technology and what is it worth?

Along with value what is the best deal ? Straight buyout, Shared risk/reward, licensee or royalty.

Many start-ups are run by engineers better suited to tinkering than advancing a growing company. When do you bring in management of your own ? How do you position the original team to maximize productivity and minimize liability?

Business Model - Is it of sound thinking? Or is it a pipe-dream built on hype or mistaken data?

Exit Strategy - Is there one? if so what is it? Is it sound?

Principal track record / history - Do any of the players have a history of "bad luck" in prior ventures?

Most of the bad guys in the technology arena continue to get away with their schemes because most investors fail to prosecute. Whether it is the court costs or sheer embarrassment, most investors let these guys off the hook when they fail to produce, allowing them to move onto other unsuspecting victims.

What to do if you are already in an acquisition that shows signs of trouble - Based on good faith and passive due diligence you entered into a deal that looked good in the beginning but now 'shows signs of impending doom. Delivery dates are slipping, the technology needs just a few more "tweaks", and now you’ve paid big bucks for a booth in a trade show only to end up handing out brochures describing what the technology was supposed to actually do at the show!

Before you continue to throw good money after bad take a moment to consider bringing in an outsider that has no stake in the outcome of the situation. Sometimes a third party can see the bigger picture by not being married to founding principles that prevent a situation from emerging out of a stall.

Failure analysis / forensics - If you have a product on the market that is experiencing problems in reliability we can perform failure analysis in our laboratory.

Corrective action - Based on our findings we can offer solutions from minor "touchups" to complete oversight.

We can offer product refinement from basic to complete re-design. Armed with considerable experience in all phases of product development we can address any technology shortcomings and have you back in business in time to protect your market position and your investment dollar. Usually for far less than your original design outlay we can come in and make quick and decisive corrective procedures to remedy most situations.

* We can only offer a non legal opinion as we are not attorneys. We may recommend however that an outside patent agent or attorney review certain claims or other issues in a patent if warranted. We do not provide or recommend attorney services so that we can remain very objective in our findings.

Schematic Capture

We are an authorized ORCAD Service bureau using the most widely accepted and finest schematic capture program today.

We can provide easy to read, well documented schematics for your design needs.

PCB Layout

We produce board designs from simple miniature through hole to multi-layer complex surface mount.

Prototyping services

We can provide fully functional "out of the catalog" looking prototypes that look so finished that they will look just like a production unit. Uses include proof of concept as well sales samples for trade shows and fund raising.

Other services

Service / repair - We can provide factory service warranty and on going product support for sophisticated technology driven products. We can even rebuild old production equipment.

We are the official repair center for all Dyn-Optics optical equipment including legacy monitors, monochromators, etc.

Technical Support - WE can provide the support for your products.

comprehensive set of core competencies and services solving real world problems quickly and affordably.


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