I.P. Development

Vorelco's main objective beyond all others is to help our clients fully exploit their Intellectual Property by ensuring that every possible practical feature is exploited and no overlooked opportunities remain.

As a small but prolific product development firm we have seen a lot of product ideas come our way, some great and some not so great. After decades of experience in just about every market known we have developed the real world savvy to be able to quickly see where a product's feature set could be expanded to adress an overlooked application resulting in a more comprehensive patent, secondary patent, or a continuation in part.

In summary the reason why Vorelco can be very valuable in I.P. Development is simple....

We see Intellectual Property through the prism of Product Development.

Intellectual Property Development

Intellectual Property, is a term originating in 1967 covering inventions, literary works, art, symbols, names and images typically in commercial activities. Intellectual property rights grant the creator(s) exclusive rights to their works usually for a predetermined period of time.

Like any property, intellectual property can be bought, sold, and licensed. It can even be used as collateral.

In business, it may present an opportunity or a threat, depending on who owns it.

Intellectual property can easily be the single most valuable asset of a business. A lesser known term “Intellectual capital” is the sum of all knowledge or expertise within an enterprise. It is the collective knowledge and skills of employees; methods, concepts, designs, inventions, and the associated technologies deployed.

Intellectual property includes:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Trade dress rights
  • Software
  • Business methods
  • Manuals
  • Reports
  • Publications
  • Domain names
  • Databases and more

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