Medical Technology

Product Development Services for the Medical Device Market

Vorelco has considerable Medical Device product development experience from basic instrumentation to advanced EEG and EKG technology. We developed the world's first P.C. based Brain Wave Analyzer that measures I.Q. We helped Cardiac Science in Irvine California develop the first unattended automatic heart defibrillator.

Vorelco helped Cameron Health, a leading implantable heart pacer and defibrillator designer and manufacturer with product validation testing.

Vorelco developed the world's first "no sting" TENS protocol with electrode contact integrity monitoring.We design and build very high quality one off product test and validation test systems for FDA, VDE, UL, CE, FCC, and any other certification screening's and actual certification testing at TUV labs.

We provide certification liaison services at any west coast test labs like TUV and Compatible Electronics labs in Brea California. Our Quality Control experience goes back to the early 80's designing test equipment for the aerospace industry.

We also provide Alternative Health device design services with products going back over 20 years. The Alternative Health technology industry is laden with poorly conceived and unsafe devices that are often found in violation of FDA Certification and labeling laws.

If you have an alternative health related technology to develop we are interested in helping you design and develop a safe and effective medical grade product that you can go to market with and stand apart from those who give the industry a black eye. Device efficacy and safety is priority one.

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